Agriculture and rural development

Should we stop talking about “youth”?

Youth and young people are becoming a hot topic among development donors and actors. But who exactly do these "labels" apply to, and are they too broad for effective policies? Or do they create too narrow a focus which is blind to larger structural issues?

Once there was a female farmer who made cheese in Georgia...

During the 43rd Committee on World Food Security (CFS43), participants discussed farmers, ago-entrepreneurs, and family businesses. There was much talk about women farmers and their importance in rural development. But the question is: where are the women farmers? During the sessions, I was looking forward to finding the young people and women farmers.

Naturbrukskonferensen 2015

Photo by Lindsay_NYC via Flickr CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Kan småskaligt jordbruk mätta många? Hur kan andelsjordbruk bidra till bättre förutsättningar? Vilka möjligheter finns det att förädla hemma? Hur påverkar globala avtal som TTIP landsbygden och naturbruket? Hur kan vi skapa ett jordbruk som återskapar sina resurser? Hur kan vi använda konst som verktyg för förändring?

Engendering bigger impact: making the other half count

Gelia Castillo has had her fair share of challenges as a female scientist. Now aged over 80, she remembers when, as one of the earliest pioneers of the social sciences in the patriarchal agricultural system, she was greeted by astonished colleagues: “Hello, but where is Dr. Castillo?”

Building Resilience for Food & Nutrition Security

Photo courtesy: jrwebbe via Flickr

Poor countries and vulnerable people are being hit by a barrage of economic, environmental, and political shocks, and these shocks are becoming more frequent and intense. There is a general understanding that building resilience means helping individuals, households, communities, and countries prepare for, cope with, and recover from such shocks.

Agriculture and Energy Delegation to Zambia during 20-23 October Headed by State Secretary Magnus Kindbom

Business Sweden in collaboration with the Swedish Embassy in Zambia, invites you to participate in a three-day delegation 20-23 of October to Zambia headed by State Secretary Magnus Kindbom focusing on agriculture, forestry and bioenergy including sectors such as machinery, irrigation, forestry, food processing, packaging and retail.