African Land Policy

Should we stop talking about “youth”?

Youth and young people are becoming a hot topic among development donors and actors. But who exactly do these "labels" apply to, and are they too broad for effective policies? Or do they create too narrow a focus which is blind to larger structural issues?

What are Sudan’s Farming Challenges? - New Report by The Nordic Africa Institue

Urbanisation and long-lasting civil wars and conflict mean that the demographic pattern in Sudan is changing drastically. Nevertheless, 60%-80% of Sudanese engage in subsistence agriculture. Agriculture remains a crucial sector in the economy as a major source of raw materials, food and foreign exchange.

Nordic Africa Days 2014

Photo courtesy: Nordic Africa Institute

The Nordic Africa Days (NAD) is the biannual conference of the Nordic Africa Institute organised for the past 15 years in the Nordic Countries, with participants representing the state of the art in African Studies and Africa related knowledge production. In 2014 the Nordic Africa Days is taking place in Uppsala, Sweden, September 26-27.

Land Conflicts and State Formation in Africa. Theoretical Reflections with Ugandan Illustrations

Photo courtesy: IamNotUniquen via Flickr

The Nordic Africa Institute welcomes you to a lecture series on the connections between access to land and violent conflict. These issues are characterized by many overlaps. Land is a multifaceted economic, political, social and cultural resource. Local conflicts over land feed into and fuel national conflicts.