5 February 2016
According to FAO’s data about one third of all edible food that we produce is lost or wasted. Food waste is a fundamental moral dilemma because in the world with a growing population and 800 million of chronically food insecure people, it is an inexcusable to waste food and resources.
Photo by jbloom via Flickr (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)
31 March 2016
SIANI (Swedish International Agricultural Network Initiative) is currently looking to gather expertise for further development of knowledge and cooperation strategies in order to increase food security and resource efficiency through food waste reduction in global food chains, with a particular...
Photo by Mike Hoff via Flikr CC BY-NC 2.0
10 May 2016
On the 22nd of April, the SIANI expert group on “Food Waste Prevention Strategies for Global Food Chains” arranged a workshop to discuss good examples and possible solutions to reduce food waste on a global scale with a whole value chain perspective in mind.
A spoiled tomato.
27 January 2017
Food waste is increasingly recognised as a major problem, and several initiatives and projects are working to reduce it. Here is a quick guide to what Sweden is doing, followed by highlights of initiatives around the world.
Susan Smith via Flickr (CC BY 2.0)
28 February 2017
Worldwide, massive amounts of food are wasted and in this policy brief, the SIANI Expert Group “Food Waste Prevention Strategies for Global Food Chains” identifies what can be done to decrease and avoid food waste.