Past Events

Photo by SIANI

SIANI Annual Meeting 2017: Towards Zero Hunger through Rural Transformation

19 January 2017
Stockholm Sweden

SIANI kicks off its 3rd phase with the annual meeting on 19th of January 2017. We invite everyone interested in promoting knowledge sharing...

Photo by UNDP via Flickr CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Fostering rural transformation – a pathway to a sustainable, peaceful and equitable development?

12 December 2016
Stockholm Sweden

The change across world’s cities and rural areas is obvious, constant and rapid. Growing demand for food, driven by population growth and...

Photo by FAOALC via Flickr (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)
International event

Low use of antimicrobials and healthy productive animals – a possible equation?

19 October 2016
Rome Italy

Antimicrobials are needed to keep livestock healthy and productive so the sector can provide  food for people. However, non-rational...

Photo courtesy of FAO

World Food Day 2016 - Food for Thought and a Call for Change

14 October 2016
Stockholm Sweden

“Climate is changing, food and agriculture must too” is the theme of the World Food Day 2016.  Agriculture is strongly affected by...

Kim_Bartlett Animal and People Inc via Flicr (CCBY-NC20)

Antimicrobial resistance; linkages between humans, livestock and water in periurban areas

29 August 2016
Stockholm Sweden

Another aspect of farming intensification is the increased use of antimicrobial pharmaceutical to avoid production losses from animal...