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Governance at the ‘edge’ of the State: political subjectivity and citizenship

Governance at the ‘edge’ of the State: political subjectivity and citizenship
15 August, 2017 (All day) - 30 September, 2017 (All day),

PhD course at SLU arranged by the Research School Society, Landscape and Land Use

State rule is presently challenged in many parts of the world such that governance is achieved by overlapping authorities. The course focuses on the implications of these achievements for conflict, citizenship and social inequality. ‘Political subjectivity’ captures how power operates to produce desires for recognition, belonging, and rights, which all shape inclusion and exclusion. At the edges of the state, these desires erupt in conflict over public authority, citizenship and resources. The course aim is to equip PhD students with theoretical and methodological tools to do research in unstable political contexts. The course will present debates on governance including frontiers, territorialization, property and public authority, with a focus on citizenship and political subjectivities. Examples include natural resource-use and extraction, and environmental change.

Lecturers include:

Professors Gabriela Valdivia, Christian Lund, Anja Nygren, Andrea Nightingale, Siri Eriksen, Mattias Rasmussen, Benedikt Korf, Tobias Hagmann, Tim Raeymaekers and Koen Vlassenroot.

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