The Future of Plant Biotechnology in Europe – Emerging Technologies and Policy Making

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The Future of Plant Biotechnology in Europe – Emerging Technologies and Policy Making
7 November, 2012 - 09:30 - 16:30, Sweden
Europe has adopted restrictive policies on genetic modifications of plants. As a consequence the cultivation of genetically modified crops has remained limited. Still, several European research groups continue to develop crops with new traits, refine breeding technologies, and develop new ways to improve crop properties with the help of biotechnology. But what are the future prospects for these projects and which is the way forward?

This day provides a great opportunity to listen to and discuss the experience of commercial cultivation of GM-crops, ongoing research, new technology, risk assessments of new techniques and acceptance of biotechnology.


09:30 Coffee

10:00 Welcome from the organizers

10:10 Experience with GMOs in Spain, the first country in Europe cultivating Bt-maize - Dr. Pere Puigdomènech

10:40 Risk assessment of GM crops within EFSA and experience of GM field trials at Rothamsted Research - Prof. Huw Jones

11:10 The Amiga project: Assessing and monitoring the impacts of genetically modified plants on agro-ecosystems - Dr. Tina d’Hertefeldt

11:40 Lunch

13:00 Emerging techniques - Dr. Marie Nyman

13:30 Risk assessment and regulation of new breeding techniques - Dr. Frank Hartung

14:00 Policy of Federation of Swedish Farmers on GM plants - Jan Eksvärd

14:30 Coffee

15:00 Public acceptance of different biotech and GM-technologies - Prof. Sven Ove Hansson

15:30 Panel discussion 16:30 Closing

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