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Vikten av långsiktighet - så kan biståndet förhindra katastrof och hunger

Seminariet arrangerades i Almedalen den 2 juli i samarbete med The Swedish International Agriculture Network Initiative, SIANI, FAO Norden, Röda Korset och Swedish Water House. 


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Ecological Sanitation in peri-urban area of El Alto city, Bolivia

The general objective is to improve health and the living conditions of the families settled in peri-urban areas of El Alto city, through the provision of ecological toilets with a sustainable and productive approach.  The water supply of El Alto and La Paz depends on deep wells and glaciers (snowy-mountains).

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Landscapes in a Carbon Focused World

Picture courtesy of Feral Arts (CC BY 2.0)

SIANI, Focali & Naturskyddsföreningen invite you to a one-day seminar in Gothenburg.

The ‘landscape’ view has risen in importance within discussions on sustainability, resilience, improved agriculture and climate change.

No Food and Nutrition Security without Water, Sanitation and Hygiene - Event part of WWW 2012

WASH investments substantially contribute to food and nutrition security: Making more out of available food through improved health and increasing harvests through productive sanitation.

Global Food Security Index

The Economist Intelligence Unit’s Global Food Security Index (GFSI) was released in July 2012.

EU:s och USA:s jordbrukspolitik – likheter och skillnader

På detta seminarium beskrivs jordbrukspolitikens historia i EU och USA med koppling till hur jordbrukets/samhällets struktur och forskningen påverkar politikens utformning. Amerikansk jordbrukspolitik har rötterna i mellankrigstiden; EU:s jordbrukspolitik är sammanflätad med Europaprojektets framväxt efter andra världskriget – och med tidigare nationell jordbrukspolitik.

Sustainable agriculture – does it need modern biotech?

In the future, sustainable agricultural production systems must increase productivity, reduce its ecological footprint and its use of resources, while meeting demands on food supply, nutrient intake, biodiversity and industrial/bio-energy feedstocks.

Reporting from the IUCN World Conservation Congress 2012

SIANI reported from the IUCN World Conservation Congress in South Korea between the 6-8th September participating in events relating to Food Security.  We produced daily digests from the events we attended and these you can find below.

NRML symposium: Hunger and economic growth

NRML symposium poster

Come and join us in listening to and discussing with great thinkers and scholars on issues affecting our common development.

Confirmed and invited speakers include: