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NRML symposium: Hunger and economic growth

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Come and join us in listening to and discussing with great thinkers and scholars on issues affecting our common development.

Confirmed and invited speakers include:

FANRPAN 2012 High-Level Regional Food Security Policy Dialogue

From Policy to Practice: Advocating for Active Engagement of Youth in Agriculture Value Chains

The policy dialogue, with an estimated attendance of over 200 participants provides an opportunity for FANR stakeholders such as, governments; policy research institutions; universities; farmers organisations; private sector and civil society to review the current status of youth engagemen

Growth with Resilience: Opportunities within African Agriculture - Montpellier Report

The latest report of the expert Montpellier Panel lays out a vision of agricultural growth for Sub-Saharan Africa that is resilient — able to withstand or recover from stresses and shocks. The report makes specific recommendations around resilient agriculture, resilient people and resilient markets.

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Linking Food Production and Sanitation - Study tour to see reuse of blackwater in practice - part of WWW 2012

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This study tour will focus on the linkage between agriculture and the sanitation systems in Sweden, demonstrated by a new project that has been developed in close cooperation between the municipality of Södertälje, local farmers and farming organizations.

Why African Women matter in Sustainable Food production

Photo Credit: L3F

This seminar aims to highlight innovative methodologies in small-scale farming in Sub-Saharan Africa which have demonstrably resulted in transformations in gender relations.

The gender transformative approaches selected have resulted in both economic and social justice benefits - increased production and productivity in farming, efficient use of resources and significant shifts towards

SIANI och Swedish Water House på Almedalsveckan

SIANI kommer under Almedalsveckan i Visby i år att vara medarrangör i ett seminarium om katastrofberedskap, klimatanpassning och resiliens inom jordbruket i världen. Under seminariet kommer även den nya biståndspolitikens roll att tas upp och diskuteras av representanter från riksdagspartier, Sida och Röda korset.

Almedalsveckan: Finansiella grundbultar för en grön och hållbar innovationsstrategi

Swedish Water House på Almedalsveckan

Med gröna innovationer och ekonomiska incitament kan vi skapa hållbar tillväxt. Men vilka styrmedel krävs för att vi ska komma dit? Vi diskuterar behovet av gröna prioriteringar i finanspolitiken, möjligheterna med gränsöverskridande samarbeten, och bristen på riskkapital för grön innovation.